Deferral Policy

You may only defer to and from the same event: 2024 Marathon to 2025 Marathon, 2024 Half Marathon to 2025 Half Marathon, 2024 8k to 2025 8K, 2024 5K to 2025 5K. You may only defer your race entry once (i.e. if you deferred your 2023 race entry to 2024, you will not be able to defer it again in 2024 to 2025). The deferral fee for each race will cost 40% of the original registration cost. We DO NOT offer deferrals for the Fun Run registration. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVEN IN THE EVENT OF RACE CANCELLATION. OBSE may choose to reschedule or defer participants (at a cost), but those who were already deferred will not have this option).

Switching Races Policy

Race switches must be done at packet pick-up

You may switch your current OBX Marathon Weekend race to any other OBX Marathon Weekend race of your choosing. If you are switching to a shorter distance, or less expensive race, you WILL NOT receive a refund of the difference from your original registration. If you are switching to a longer race, or more expensive race, you will be required to pay the difference between your original race category and your new race category before your registration can be officially changed. Any fees you may owe for switching race categories should be paid at the time of your registration switch. If a race has been sold out, a registration change will no longer be available.

Bib Transfer Policy

Bib transfers must be done at packet pick-up

To transfer a race bib from one person to another will require a $25 bib transfer fee. Please note that the participant to whom the bib is transferred cannot upgrade that transfer. THE TRANSFER MUST BE DONE OFFICIALLY. To allow another person to unofficially compete with your bib will be grounds for disqualification from the race results and may result in a ban from all future OBXSE races and events.

Refunds Policy

Under no circumstances do we offer any refunds. If you purchased Race Insurance, that will be taken into consideration. Otherwise, there are absolutely NO refunds, even in the event of race cancellation — NO exceptions.